Audi Estishari

Our Collaborative Effort Works for You

At Audi Capital Syria Ltd., our core strength is our ability to work collectively towards bringing you premium products and services.

The result of our efforts is Audi Estishari, an exclusive package developed to facilitate your investment experience and answer all your related enquiries.

Audi Estishari is a multi-purpose financial tool specifically engineered to deliver the rich information you need to stay abreast of any and all movements in the financial market. Through its triple purpose of reporting, charting and informing, Audi Estishari works solely to keep you financially informed at all times and updated on a consistent basis.

  • Estishari Reporting

The Reporting tool is a simple and effective method to study the moving indicators on the market via a top-down approach. The up-to-date performance and ratings of Estishari Reporting allow all participating members to develop their own trading strategy based on personal analysis and decision making.

  • Estishari Charting

The Charting tool is a visual instrument developed to allow all participating members of Audi Estishari to conveniently track movements and changes in activity on the market using the timeline of their choice. This illustrative method helps each user closely chart and study the actions undertaken by the investment community in shaping the direction of the market.

  • Estishari SMS

The SMS tool is the mobile investment companion of Audi Estishari. This notification service follows participating members on the move and provides them with quick and useful market information to keep them informed at all times so they can gain a valuable edge when it comes to their investment interests.

For further information, visit your nearest Bank Audi Syria branch, or call us on 011-9782

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