Sister & Related Companies

Syrian Arab Insurance sa

Syrian Arab Insurance sa is a sister company of Bank Audi Syria sa and part of Bank Audi Group with 5% ownership by Bank Audi Syria sa. The company was established in 2006 under decree No. 43/2005 with a capital of SYP 1 billion, representing 2 million shares.

As a specialized private insurance company, Syrian Arab Insurance sa offers insurance policies that include a comprehensive range of tailor-made programs and services. These policies are designed to appeal to all segments of the Syrian society (on both the individual and corporate levels) and cover Motor Insurance, Medical Insurance, Property Insurance, Marine and Transport Insurance, Engineering Insurance, Third Party Liability, Professional Indemnity Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance and Life Insurance.

The company operates within a framework of professional corporate values to ensure business transparency and fruitful partnerships with its customers, employees and providers, in order to achieve healthy and sustainable success.

In 2010, Syrian Arab Insurance sa reported a net profit of SYP 93.8 million, marking a growth of 32% compared to the previous year. As at end 2010, the total assets of the company amounted to SYP 2.3 billion; since inception, the company has maintained an annual average growth of 25% within the past 5-year periodand has steadily increased profits by 46.92% per share year-on-year.

Syrian Arab Insurance sa also ranked 1st among the 12 private insurance companies in Syria for the year 2010, as reported by the Syrian Insurance Supervisory Commission (SISC). On the country level (private and public institutions), Syrian Arab Insurance sa ranked 2nd with a 7.33% market share, only following the government-owned Syrian Public Insurance Company.

Audi Capital Syria Ltd.

Audi Capital Syria Ltd. was established in 2009 as the investment and brokerage arm of Audi Bank Syria sa with a capital of SYP 270 million and 99.99% of the company owned by Bank Audi Syria sa. With this initiative, Bank Audi aimed to fulfill its role as a major player in the Syrian economy, helping create more investment opportunities and facilities in the country's securities market by offering professional and comprehensive services to individuals and corporations for that purpose. In September 2010, Audi Capital Syria Ltd. effectively began operations in Syria.

The company offers the following range of services:

1. Consultancy
This includes company valuation and restructuring, market research and analysis of published data for the benefit of customers and other parties, as well as the online portal, "Audi Estishari", a service dedicated to online investors and traders, providing them with live charting and analysis of securities listed within the stock exchange.
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2. Stock brokerage
This includes the buying and selling of stocks on behalf of third parties as well as the trading of stocks directly for the benefit of Audi Capital Syria Ltd.

3. Managing IPOs without guaranteeing coverage
This includes planning, managing, executing and marketing stocks on behalf of an issuing company through preparing bulletins and carrying out all research and procedures required for issuing and listing stocks.

4. Investment management of stocks and funds.
This service covers portfolio management for third parties as per the terms of an agreement signed with the broker and defining the investment policy as well as the powers and obligations of the investment manager. This also includes the management of personal or joint investment funds.

As a subsidiary of Bank Audi Syria sa and Audi Saradar Group, the company benefits from the wide technical and field expertise of the Group’s entities in the different countries where they are present, as well as the comprehensive support of Audi Saradar Private Bank sal in particular. Audi Capital Syria Ltd. aims to serve both institutional and private clients by taking a comprehensive approach and providing them with tailored solutions in order for the company to reach a leading position within the Syrian financial markets.

Vision & Strategy 

Audi Capital Syria Ltd. is committed to innovate, educate and allocate. The philosophy adopted by all members of the company is based on their full confidence in advancing the interests of the Syrian economy, of the exchange market and of all financial entities that contribute constructively to the company’s vision.

More often than not, setting a strategy for the future is among the most critical decisions in a team’s planning stages. At Audi Capital Syria Ltd., the most important part of setting the company’s strategy revolves around being able to plan cooperatively, execute effectively and share willingly. With this in mind,Audi Capital Syria Ltd. carefully studies its promises of being a leading financial services institution to make sure every interaction with its clients are transparent, viable and deliverable. Ensuring the quality of interaction within every exchange channel is at the core of the company’s structure, and the quantity of successful contributions is at the center of its motivation.

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