Corporate, Commercial & SME

The Credit Department at Bank Audi Syria sa is concerned with the financing needs of companies registered in Syria for projects within the Syrian territory, providing world-class commercial and corporate solutions to these companies. The Credit Department team is highly qualified and has accumulated valuable experience in the Syrian market over the years to ensure it provides the Bank’s clients with the best financing solutions.

The services developed at Bank Audi Syria sa are diversified and include project financing, syndicated loans, trade finance, working capital financing, structured facilities and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) facilities.

Bank Audi Syria sa is notably one of the few banks in Syria involved in financing “greenfield” projects. This includes full solutions for raising debt and structuring loans in the most effective way based on clients’ needs. In a relatively short period, Bank Audi Syria sa has gained significant experience in syndicated loans; in 2008, it was the Mandated Lead Arranger (MLA) of the Lafarge syndicated loan (USD 340 million) to build a cement plant for the Syrian Cement Company (SCC) in Aleppo – making this the largest financing of a private investment in Syria.

The Bank’s Trade Finance facilities include letters of credit, letters of guarantees and documentary collections. Bank Audi Syria sa also provides the option of financing imports, whether they are done through letters of credits or documentary collections, in both Syrian Pounds and foreign currencies.

In terms of working capital needs, these can also be financed through overdraft accounts or direct bills, thus ensuring that the cash flow of the Bank’s clients is always well managed.

As the Bank continuously strives to provide its clients with innovative solutions that match the market needs, several structured facilities are available for financing special projects; these products include structured offerings for holding companies and project financing for Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) projects.

Bank Audi Syria sa also launched the first SME Loan scheme in Syria that allows SMEs to get access to financing. Thanks to its flexible terms and conditions, with amounts ranging from SYP 1 million to SYP 25 million and a tenure varying between 1 and 7 years depending on business needs, the SME Loan is designed to assist SMEs in implementing and achieving their promising visions. Bank Audi Syria sa was also a pioneer in launching tailor made products such as the health care practitioners’ loan that targeted all professionals working in this industry.

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