Retail Banking

Bank Audi’s broad range of Retail Banking products and services, backed by its safe and efficient electronic banking platform, widespread branch network, highly skilled human capital and prominent corporate image, has aggressively nurtured its positioning as a Retail Banking leader in Syria.

Bank Audi Syria sa currently operates one of the largest branch networks in Syria with 22 branches, together with one of the largest ATM networks covering 35 sites in key locations across the country and supported by a top-of-the-line IT infrastructure.

The Bank has established itself as an innovator in tailoring products and services to answer the needs and aspirations of all segments of the Syrian society.

The strategy that Bank Audi Syria sa has adopted aims at retaining customers through enhancing their loyalty to the Bank in parallel with continued efforts to attract new customers and spread the Bank Audi banking culture among the Syrian society both on the professional and the personal levels.

The Bank’s Retail Banking products and services are grouped into 4 categories:

Bank Audi Syria sa offers its growing customer base a full range of conventional accounts, as well as specially tailored accounts such as the Payroll and Net Accounts which represent ideal solutions combining the security of savings accounts and the flexibility of current accounts. In addition, the Bank proposes the Imtiaz Account, a unique deposit account which provides customers with a basket of banking and non banking benefits, with attractive interest rates and special treatment in allocated locations at the bank’s branches.

Bank Audi Syria sa is a pioneer institution with a wide range of consumer lending products including the Housing Loan, Car Loan, Personal Loan, High-Tech Loan, (PCs, Flat Panels, Solar Panels, Cameras) Home Appliances loan and other Retail lending products.

Under the brand name “Aman”, Bank Audi Syria sa offers a comprehensive range of insurance, and savings products developed in collaboration with its sister company, Syrian Arab Insurance sa.
The Bank’s Bancassurance products propose several flexible plans where monthly premiums are directly debited from customers’ accounts; these include Aman Al Darb (personal accident), Aman Al Hayat (customized life insurance), and Aman Al Dirassa (education insurance plan).

In addition to the direct debit of mobile telephone bill monthly payments available for its customers, Bank Audi Syria sa has gradually expanded its offerings to include Internet banking through Audi On-Line, allowing a number of account transactions to be conducted online anywhere and anytime.

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